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Sunday, 20 March 2016

Finacle Beats McCamish in Failure Competition Conducted by Infosys

Hi friends, have you heard about ‘Failure’ competition?   You may not have any idea about such competition which is happening in India Post under the control of Infosys.  But actually the mega event started few months back.  The official declaration of such competition is yet to come.

Without understanding this fact, the bloody operative staffs are simply cursing Infosys for the delay in Finacle and McCamish.  Actually Infosys people are making experiment with McCamish and Finacle to find out how Post Office staffs can operate Finacle and McCamish without Central Server.

Since it is a secret experiment, details cannot be shared with any other outside parties like India Post or NISG.  That is why NISG or India Post officials are unaware of the actual reason for slowness of McCamish and Finacle.

But one thing I can say, you don’t have any right to criticize Finacle or McCamish.  Because Finacle is a Universal Banking Solution (if working) and McCamish is a Universal Insurance solution (if working).

Let us stop this time pass talking.  (Somebody’s time pass may be somebody’s heart breaking reality)

What is going on in Post Offices?

Answer is simple and we can simply portrait the scene with the help of some odd words.  No more explanation is needed.  Are you ready? Look at the words.

Big Queue
Customer Agitation
No Connection

Operative staffs can understand the depth of each word especially at this point of time but persons responsible for deleting such words from the mind of working class may interpret these words as follows.

Big Queue – The sign of inefficiency
Customer Agitation- Due to Misbehavior of counter staffs
No Connection- Lack of knowledge of usage of resources
Frustration- Every new implementation have its own issues
Mid night- EOD process should start before 15 hours

What about the action by Administration

This is the most interesting part.  No one knows anything or no one comes forward to bring a remedial action or no one is ready to report the actual scenario to the next higher level.  In most of the cases actual difficulties are not properly reporting to the higher level due to fear of officers.

A good reporting will leads to a bad APAR and thereby attract unfavorable action.  Hence officers in different hierarchy are acting like helpless persons and they are continuously telling the following.

To Superiors:  No issue is there and everything OK Sir
To Subordinates: I understand your issues but I am helpless.

If you don’t understand what I meant, please see the below image then you will understand everything.

What about Targets in PLI/RPLI and Saving Bank

After the implementation of McCamish, PLI and RPLI Mela is a rare phenomenon because answering the question is very difficult especially in a public function.  Life insurance business has drastically reduced due to the false implementation of new system.  New policies are rare even in the month of March in which lots of businesses were procuring.

Persons who got more business in last times suffered more after McCamish.  Hence they are now reluctant to accept new proposals.

Postal Life Insurance wing failed to clear the discrepancies related to missing credits.  They have not taken any extra effort to find and clear such issues.  Since PLI and RPLI related works were mostly done at administrative offices, the work pressures upon the staffs were not as same as upon operative staffs.
Without going for a correct remedial action, they have simply opted for the push back option available in the McCamish and left the rest for operative staffs who are responsible for shouldering all burdens.

While coming to SB section, everyone is very active to publicize about the targets and need for opening more accounts.  Post office staffs are asking the same question.

Sir, we have taken initiative to open more number of accounts and customers are ready to open account.  But how can we open these accounts? Finacle is not available in most of the time.

Reply: I understand your difficulties, but I am helpless.

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