Why this Cheating from India Post Payments Bank?

First of all, don’t think that IPPB has made any financial malpractice while reading this headline. This is about an injustice made by IPPB towards some artists and MyGov initiative of Govt. of India.

I have a pain in my mind for criticizing IPPB, the long-cherished dream of India Post, at this moment when it’s first branches have been inaugurated at Ranchi and Raipur.  At the same time, I am writing this post with immense pleasure because the fact which I had explained earlier through my previous post “Total Confusion in IPPB Logo Design Competition” have come true.

I am not repeating the issues that I had kicked up but you can still read that post from the following link if you didn’t read that article or you forgotten the matter.

Now my questions are very simple.

1.   Where is the selected 20 logos?
2.   Who is the winner and who got the price money?

I am sure that no authority will answer these questions.  But since I have raised the issue and predicted something, I have the responsibility to answer these questions myself.  Before answering the questions, I am quoting some portion of my previous post here so that you can cross check the answer with this scenario.

 “Lots of questions remaining unanswered while seeing the review process.

1.  Whether it is a serious competition or for a media publicity?
2.  What is meant my Approved Submission?
3.  Whether actually reviewed all the submissions?
4.  Whether it is a part of preplanned drama?

What is in short?

1.  Inviting logos from public and declares price money.
2.  4861 logo submissions happening.
3.  Simply shown last submitted 600 logos are approved without making any review.
4.  Selecting 20 logos violating all logo criteria for voting.
5.  Other 4261 logos are still under the review process. “

In the above extract, I had raised so many questions and finally I had come to a conclusion.  Like earlier following are the answer to the question that I have raised now.

1.  Where is the selected 20 logos?

Actually, like everyone I don’t know what has happened for that 20 logos but I can presume something.  Due to the substandard quality of 20 selected logos, the authorities might have been ignored that.  Otherwise some expert scrutiny might have been done on other logos or they decided to drop the contest and take an advice or design from professional design institutions.

2.  Who is the winner and who got the price money?

Since the logo of IPPB is not from the so called selected 20 logos, there is no chance to declare a winner or give the price money.

What about new logo

The final logo of IPPB which I have shown below cannot actually be considered as a new logo.  The first condition of the IPPB logo design competition was it should be original.  But no one will say that the IPPB logo is original, instead it will say that it is a mere copy of India Post logo.  The only notable difference is the round shape of red background instead of rectangle.
I don’t know whether it can be registered as Registered Trade Mark or not. Even though IPPB is a fully owned company of India Post or India Post has no objection to take its logo for IPPB, since India Post is a Government Department, I am not sure about the legal implication behind the RTM.

If we leave the criteria, I personally loved the IPPB logo and it has all the brand image of India Post.  According to my opinion the dark theme color is the highlight of this logo and it is superb and it clearly distinguish from all other banks’ theme colours. Only a talented designer can choose a design like this.

The tagline “Aapka bank aapke dwaar” is an apt one for IPPB. My submission in this contest was “Your Nearest Bank”


Even though the IPPB logo design competition was very popular among public and it has got very good attention from medias, the authorities were not serious about this event.  Lots of mistakes, mismatches and suspicious thing had been seen everywhere and it has continued until the final selection of IPPB logo.

It is common that the logos of desired standard may not be received in a competition.  Then the organizers have the full right to cancel the contest and go for another logo.  This condition is also included in the terms and conditions of the contest. 

But here the scenario is different because without reviewing all the submissions by experts they have merely selected 20 below average logos for final voting. That is why the selected logos got negative feedback.  And without any official announcing or explanation they opted another logo for IPPB.

If they have the intension to use this logo for IPPB earlier, the pre-planned logo design competition drama could have been avoided. This is purely an injustice toward the persons who participated in the competition. The complete responsibility of the failure of this contest is vested up on the persons who authorized to review the submissions.

The only thing the authorities can do at this moment is to release an official explanation on this subject.  So, let us wait for that……

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