Why Western Union insulting India Post customers by giving cheap gifts

Now everyone can see that low quality plastic tins and nylon purses are placed nearby Western Union Money Transfer counters at Post Offices.  Actually these are the gifts to be supplied to the customers who come to the Post office for taking money through Western Union.

In the normal case, giving a gift is a prideful moment for both receiver and giver.  But in this case, the moment is shameful for both receiver and giver.  Most of the customers are not ready to receive the VALUABLE gift of Western Union since they don’t want to carry wastage to his home.

By giving this kind of cheap gift, Western Union is actually insulting the valuable customers of India Post.  In regular intervals, Western Union is supplying utter waste low quality gifts through Post Offices.

Last time they had given low quality toy type torch worth Rs.10 or 20 during the promotion period.  This time they opted to supply low quality plastic tins and unusable nylon purses.  You can see the actual image of these valuable gifts below if you are not lucky to receive/see the same.

Tie-up between India Post and Western Union exist for more than a decade.  Department of Post is the number one agent of Western Union in India and the majority of the transactions of Western Union in India comes from Post Offices.

The market share of Western Union in the field of International money transfer has been reduced considerably due to various reasons.  The entrance of other competitors like MoneyGram, Express money, etc. play vital role in the reduction of business of Western Union.

The percentage of contribution of India Post towards the total transaction count of Western Union Money Transfer has also reduced considerably in last few years.  Inorder to regain the prosperity, Western Union is adopting various marketing tactics now.  But most of them were failure due to false execution.

Western Union Company may have spent sufficient amount of money for its promotion in the form of gifts or contests.  But the persons who receive the tender to supply the gifts for Post Office customers may not supply quality goods as mentioned in the contract.  He may supply substandard goods as gifts since the company is not making any sample check from the fields units.

Representative from Western Union should visit the Post office and assess the quality of gifts before its supply inorder to get the actual benefits from the promotion.  Otherwise it will lead to a negative impact.

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