Marketing through Torturing in PTC Mysore

This time I am going to tell you a real incident happened at PTC Mysore last week.  After reading this article you should say whether it is a good move from a training centre like PTC Mysore or not and every one of you should respond in the form of comments.

This incident happened in between the MACP I training scheduled from 01/06/2015 to 12/06/2015 at PTC Mysore.  I don’t know, whether you know that there is compulsory study at PTC Mysore in the night every day.  Yes, there is, from 9PM to 10PM.

Not only study time, but there is inspection also in the men’s and women’s hostel between above said time inorder to ensure that everything is going well as scheduled.

Last week during inspection by an instructor in the women’s hostel, five trainees were caught for doing some illegal activities.  Do you know? What were the activities they have done during study time?  They are

1. Two lady trainees have gone to toilet and they were caught on way before reaching toilet.
2.  Three lady trainees were talking to their children as they are more concerned about them during the school opening time.
3. One lady trainee was caught on the way when she returned to her room from toilet.

It is heard that the caught by trainer was very adventurous and she had put all her efforts and used sharp intelligence for this hunting.  Most interesting thing is that the both Commando (Trainer) and terrorists (Trainees) were from Kerala Circle.

The trainer was a Postal Assistant from Kasaragod division having nearly five or six years of service and the MACP trainees were from some other division in Kerala Circle.


Above said six trainees were asked to report at PTC office next day inorder to fix the penalty for violation of rules or misconduct at PTC campus.  As per the instruction of trainer, the trainees have reported at the Office and explained their side.  Finally administration declared their penalty as follows.

Each one of the trainees should market one commemorative Souvenir sheet of Cricket World Cup 2015 worth Rs.400/- for avoiding further punishment.  Another condition was, if they fail to market the same with in the stipulated time they can avoid the punishment by purchasing themselves.

This Souvenir Sheet depicting the Logo of Cricket World Cup and colours of 14 participating nations in the form of ball shaped stamps with National Flags of the participating countries was brought out by New Zealand Post.

If you are not aware of this Souvenir sheet, you can see the same below this post.

In short each trainee has to spend Rs.400\- as her penalty.  As you all know that this Souvenir sheet is a dead stock at every Post Office that received it.  Here PTC Mysore has adopted special marketing strategy for the sale of dead stock of philately stamp.

Have you ever heard about such a penalty or punishment in any of the training centres under India Post?

Somebody asked that “whether there is any legal binding for such punishments or penalties?”

Some others ask “Can authorities in PTC impose any penalty upon trainees according to their will?”

Hai man… you are mistaken, this process is called internal marketing and this is the next scope for business.

They can experiment with other product of India Post also.  If any fault occurs from MACP II or III trainees, they should be supplied with one or two Penta Mobiles as their pay is comparatively high.


The in-service training is not only for acquiring knowledge or skill but it should also be a relaxing environment for employees from their tight work schedule.  The refreshment course should be a motivating one and it should increase the morale of employees.

Clashes in training environment due to minor cases will not bring any good in the trainees’ or trainers’ life.  Harmony should be maintained in training campus but it should be within the boundaries of discipline.

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