Thursday, 2 April 2015

An unforgettable moment from a stamp design competition


Creativity is the gift of God and disability is the mistake of God in creation (may be a necessity).  If these two combines in one man, it is an another experiment of the God. You can watch such an experiment in the following video where in a twelve year old physically challenged boy participating in a stamp design competition conducted by India Post.

It is really a motivating video and at the same time, a painful one.  Like any other student, he is making his design on subject, a holiday with grandparents with in his limitation.  He overcomes his disability through his resolution and hard work.

Don’t forget to see his loving parents standing nearby him and making assistance for his creativity.

I use this moment to give a big salute for him and his parents.

Editor SKN Achari

A blogger from God’s own country, thinking about various things and speaking loudly about what he have learned and observed. And acting as one man Army against corruption and mismanagement.


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